Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scampy found a new home!

I've been negligent about updating my blog!  Scampy found a new home on February 5th!  I was a one-woman, one-puppy adoptathon at the Cary Petsmart.  As soon as I set up, an employee from the Pet Hotel there came over, named Alison.  She really liked Scampy, and said she was looking for another dog - she has one already, who requested a playmate.  She thought about it, and came back about half an hour later and said she'd love to adopt him.

Alison is a dog person through and through - very responsible - fenced yard, does crate training, will take Scampy to the Petsmart obedience classes and the Banfield vet right there, as well as doggy daycare.  Scampy will be living the high life.  I got an update from her about a week after he was adopted - he is doing really well.  Only had one accident, and has otherwise been quite happy and playful, and he and his new dog playmate Cooper get along really well together.  He's also got a new name - Zach.  Can't wait to hear more updates about him!