Friday, October 28, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I can not believe I haven't posted here since July.  I have been full-steam ahead with fostering and adopting - it has been a whirl-wind summer.  To date, I think I have fostered and adopted 35 cats!!  That number makes my heart so very happy.  At home right now, I have 8 purr-babies - the two little orange kittens go to a wonderful home this weekend - I am so excited for them.  I am trying to be diligent updating the PAWS website - and so here is a list of who is currently staying at Camp Countrywood.

Tango (beautiful Bengal/Tabby - I'm in his video, too):
Marvin (gorgeous long hair and green eyes):
Christopher (sweet and shy tuxedo kitten) :

My biggest concern going into the cold weather is... the cold weather.  :)  I bought a heated dog kennel pad - at $40, I think this is the most economic way to provide heat to the kitties.  However, they have to be agreeable to cuddling, since it is one big bed.  I guess I will find out if my theory works or not.  I do know they love their individual beds I made them - they are made out of oil drip pans, and I made removable fleece covers with padding in them.  They love these beds, they were very economical to make (about $4 each), durable, and completely washable.  I'm proud of them!

Little Noah, my blind kitty, is not only my special project, but has a very special place in my heart.  He gets to stay in Eva's room, because he has an upper-respiratory infection at the moment.  But even being sick, he is such a happy, loving kitten.  Oh my goodness - I could snuggle with him all day.  And likewise, he loves to snuggle, too!  His blindness doesn't hinder him at all - he runs and plays and is just a joy.  And now that he is on good food and supplements, his coat is getting glossy, and his little body is getting stronger each day.