Wednesday, July 20, 2011

updates on kittens

All the tabby kittens got adopted!  Yay!  And no sooner than I cleaned up and disinfected the screened in porch.... then my good friend and PAWS volunteer extraordinaire called me - would I have any interest in fostering some kittens from PAWS of Hertford County?  Yes, I sure would.

So I started with 7 foster kittens - a motley bunch from various litters.  Oh, they steal your heart so fast.  Everybody seemed to settle in well - a few days of craziness and wondering where the heck they were, but they soon learned who we were, and have gotten used to their new digs.

It is amazing what good food, good exercise, and good love can do for these little  balls of fluff.  I am a real believer in high quality cat (and dog) food - so they are eating Innova.  After about a week of eating good food and running around (our porch is about 15 feet by 30 feet), their coats are glistening and their little muscles are getting strong.

I've lost track - I think I've done two adoptathons - just me and my girls - Eva (11) and Kassi (4), and the kittens, at the Cary Petsmart on Walnut St.  Minnie, Parker, Thomas, and Mackie all got adopted, and went to great homes.  Yay!!  That leaves me with Maya (black tuxedo), Pongo (black Siamese mix), and little Titan (gray and white).  Titan had the hardest time transitioning - poor little guy had diarrhea and was just pathetic and sleepy.  Slowly but surely, he's come good.  I did take him to Banfield - no worms, bugs, etc - he did have some bad bacteria in his gut - so yogurt and probiotics for him (and antibiotics just in case).  He is now gaining weight and is much more energetic. He LOVES to snuggle next to you, or under your chin.

Maya is a sweetie pie - just an easy-going, playful girl - no trouble at all.

Pongo - oh, how he makes me laugh.  So Siamese! Darting around and playing like mad - and then demanding with plaintive meows and paw swats and actually  yanking on my pants to be picked up and cuddled and loved.  He is quite the character.

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