Sunday, November 14, 2010

first adoptathon!

We leave the house in 45 minutes.  I must admit to being a bit nervous.  Spanky is such a sweet boy - I want him to find a wonderful forever home.  He has me wrapped around his little paw - that sweet puppy breath and cuddles.  He has discovered he can adeptly jump up on the couch, and dive into my lap in less than a second flat.  I think of all the love he's missed out on..... and I let him stay. So the dog trainer in me gets a slap on the wrist, but the dog lover in me wins out.  He let me cut his nails last night with not second glance - besides wanting to chew on the clipper handle like a toy.  And then I spritzed him with some dry dog shampoo to make him smell nice - again, not a problem. 

We also went to the park in the morning - he was delighted to go - tail wagging and nice and confident - I know I say it often,  but he is such a happy little guy.

He also had his first long play in the back yard with my Sheperd pup (10 months, 100 lbs) Kodi.  They played and played and played.  I watched from the screened in porch, but did not intercede at all.  They did wonderfully!

I do wish he'd gain some weight -  he is a bit ribby.  He has to be encouraged to eat - and it's kibble with raw egg (fresh from our coop), and some salmon oil.  He is just not much of a morning eater - he tends to eat more later in the day.  And he loves to lick out all of the egg.  :)  He has had no tummy upsets, so I think he has a hearty digestive system, which is a good thing.

If there are any potential adopters reading this - please come out to the Cary Petsmart on Walnut St today (Sunday, Nov. 14th, 2010), from 11am to 3pm.  But I doubt I will stay that long - I have my 3 year old with me, and I was also in a bad car accident on Wednesday, so I am awfully sore.  But finding Spanky a forever home is very important to me - so we will go for as long as we can - hope to see you there!


  1. are adorable. Thanks for the kisses today.

    Billy and Kevin

  2. Aww! Thank you! I know he enjoyed meeting you both!