Saturday, November 6, 2010

Spanky's first night

It went great!  Stephanie dropped Spanky off to me at work, and then we had an hour drive home - he slept quietly the whole time.  When I got home - all my peeps weren't home, only the furry and feathered.  So, I was able to maneuver one dog out at a time to the front yard, to say hi to Spanky. Dixie first, then Pepper.  All went wonderful.  Spanky bowed and played.  Then I moved the introductions to the back porch.  Bindi first - she was wonderful - very tolerant.  Then Bindi and Spanky had a play in the back yard - great time.  I waited until Paul came home to introduce him to Kodi.  Kodi is a 100 lb 11 month old Sheperd (probably Anatolian Shepard) mix.  Very gentle, sweet, and playful - but still HUGE compared to Spanky's 25 pounds.   It couldn't have went any better - Kodi rolled right over on his belly, and the games were ON!  They played and played like puppies should.  Spanky was just great - playful and interactive - neither fearful or dominant.  Because he's not neutered, he did do a bit of the humping game, when Kodi was lying down.  Kodi wouldn't just stand up and Spanky would be rolled off - pretty amusing.   Spanky had his dinner of kibbles and a fresh egg in his crate.  So far, all but one pee has been outside.  Smart little fella - only took hime 3 treats to learn how to sit.  Not food or toy aggressive at all so far - but I've just tried with people, not dogs - too early for that kind of test.  He whined a bit when he was put to bed in his crate, but once he was asleep,  he didn't make a peep until we woke up at 7:00am!!

This morn- he's had individual plays with all the dogs outside, and has played beautifully with Kassidy, my 3 year old daughter.

And cats - he couldn't care less about them - many gold stars for that reaction.  If you've read this far, you are truly a dog nerd like me.  :)  Spanky is going to make someone a wonderful companion, that's for sure!  Please keep your eyes and ears open for a loving forever home for him.

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