Friday, November 5, 2010

He's a-coming!

Spanky, Spanky, Spanky.  Our household members are either: A - oblivious (this would be the furry or feathered members) or B - very excited!! Spanky is a 6 month old puppy that will be our very first foster animal.  His background is sad - tied to a 3 foot leash and barely fed his whole life.  Have you ever seen a puppy without that cute, round pink puppy belly?  That was Spanky.  Thank goodness - after several weeks of feeding and TLC from the PAWS wonder team, he is round-bellied and tail-wagging.  He came to the shelter with Hope - her story is heart-wrenching, and she too is looking for her forever home. Both dogs (and all of Hope's puppies) are now up for adoption.  I could use several choice words to describe their former owner - but I might get kicked out of BlogWorld.

What have I been doing to prepare for Spanky's arrival?  First - a big backyard clean up.  It's mostly done, but will be finished off tomorrow.  Second - reading up on proper dog introductions, and fostering.  Spanky looks like a Boston Terrier mix - a breed I have no experience with.  However - I do have 4 rescue dogs, and have lots of experience with rescue introductions.  Bought a new crate, washed old dog bedding for him, prepared my family as best as I could, and cleared my calendar for this weekend.  I think I'm ready!!  I sure hope so!

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