Friday, November 12, 2010

to the park

Spanky went on his first visit to the park!  This was a people park, not a dog park.  He was a bit tentative getting out of his car crate - it's an awfully big world, you know.  But after a few minutes, he felt confident enough to explore.  He immediately went up to a group of young kids - all under 4 - tail wagging.  He really seems to love the little kids.  He got many pats, hugs, and kisses - all of which he thoroughly soaked up.  We then went around a 10 minute walking trail.  He stopped and said hello politely to everyone he met.  He especially liked a beautiful Golden Retriever lady named Miley - he had a fun romp with her.  He then went back in his car crate, and slept the way home.  Spanky is a great car traveler - doesn't get car sick or anxious - just curls up and sleeps, or looks with interest out the window.  What a good boy!

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